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HR Policy

The workforce of this company is multi-cultural and has wide freedom of action and responsibility for its operations. Decisions are made as close as possible to the team head of each Strategic Business Unit (SBU), within a framework of principles, standards, policies, strategies and delegated authorities. More than 600 employees worked directly and another 500 involved indirectly as distributors and suppliers/vendors.

Human Resource Department has responsibility for energizing, developing, retaining and attracting truly talented people all around the company.  Human Resource Department is helping employees to work in an open, confident and winning culture, where they are all aligned in delivering consumer satisfaction and facilitating personnel to release their energies in a constructive and focused way. The HR department is ensuring proper and efficient utilization of the resources by professionalism and perfect distribution of work and thus to attain the individual career goal.

PingFood is maintaining a good pleasant working atmosphere for both of its male and female employees as it believes equal employment opportunity for all. Moreover, the company is committed to achieve quality objective through continuous employee training and development. In PingFood, employees are appointed through a competitive recruitment process. Every employee is having their own job description which makes them more responsible and accountable to the management. Performance is the major criteria for career progression.

The company strives to match the needs of the organization and individual aspirations and encourage personal fulfillment. Therefore, success is recognized in ways which are relevant to the individual.




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